Explore a collection of stories full of gritty, corrupt worlds in which the line between right and wrong, free will and destiny, and good guys and bad guys is often very hazy. Enjoy the lurid environments in which murder, greed, seduction, betrayal and passion provide ingredients propelling their residents to do things they never would have imagined.  

A Host Of Suspects


In tales exploring dark, primal desires of man, Michael Marra creates intriguing characters facing police corruption, revenge and murder that catch on quickly and arrive at seemingly obvious conclusions, and then discover that things are not always as they appear to be. These absorbing characters learn to expect the unexpected in Marra's hard-boiled menageries.


Life's lessons can manifest themselves in strange, unforeseen ways. No Less a Man sheds light upon behavior, other people's expectations concerning it and the impact of these expectations on others. Beyond Your Means provides a glimpse into the extent of what some people will do to live the life they feel they deserve. Yet perseverance and cunning don't always guarantee success. 


A man in One for the Money goes to extremes to surreptitiously

acquire money, love and the most powerful job in the world.

When Angels Cry


This collection of twelve short stories addresses the possibility of redeeming hope among life's stark realties of murder, corruption, betrayal, passion, and greed.


Anthony Vanatta, who just confessed to multiple homicides, knew that by law he was protected through the priest-penitent priviledge, which recognizes confidential communication. As a priest, Father Murphy was helpless in as far as justice for this crime being carried out. However, the man in him felt differently. Were he not a priest, he would most certainly reveal the slaughter of a family, whether they had deserved such or not. The loss of Johnny "The Chin' Morello would be greeted with cheers from much of the community, as well as fear and grief from others. ...He readied himself for his next confession.


"Bless me Father for I have sinned," the man began. He went on to confess to the murders of john Morello and his family. Father Murphy was stunned, as it was not the voice of Anthony Vanatta, who had just confessed to the same crime. Was this man an accomplice? He could do nothing but listen and could not help but ask if the man was in the confessional earlier.


"My son, were you not here earlier?' Father Murphy asked. There was a long pause and a clicking of some kind that the priest could not recognize. Did someone know that Anthony Vanatta was there earlier? Was the clicking a bomb to remove any knowledge that Father Murphy had of the crime?


-- from "The Confession"


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Where Truth And Fiction Collide
A Memoir Based on Actual Events
Ghost is a story full of corrupt worlds in which the lines between right and wrong, free will and destiny, and good guys and bad guys is often very hazy. Explore the lurid environments in which murder, greed, seduction, betrayal and passion provide ingredients propelling these characters to do things you never would have imagined.
There was a time I didn't believe in Ghosts. Now, all I need is a mirror to see one...
This is the story of a GHOST
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It's Alive!


Exploring right and wrong and good and evil on the mean streets of New York City, author Michael Marra presents a second collection of twelve short stories in When Angels Cry. Drawn from Marra's experiances growing up in New York City, the narratives illustrate that there is redemption among all of life's murder, corruption, betrayal, passion and greed.


When Angels Cry provides insight into life's stark realities, but also shows there are bright spots in the darkness among us.