Mary Marra

 All of my work is dedicated to my Mother Mary Marra. Without her belief and support for my work at a very young age none of this would have been possible. (1922 - 1981)



And of course to my beautiful Katrina... 

Thank you for all of your continued love, support and inspiration. Couldn't do it without you.


For Dakota, 

Not only Man's best friend, but also a Writer's. I know you are looking out for me still...

Cynthia Lee

 And I wish to give one last thanks to someone who is the most refeshing new talent I have come across and is an inspiration. Her achievements are remarkable and her writing ability even more than that. It is my sincere pleasure to endorse the next star. You will be hearing much from this talented artist. Cynthia Lee, thank you for all of your help. Be sure to check out her book 'Eternal Rising' at

   "I'm a big fan of Michael Marra. I love the twists and turns and then he still manages to draw you in to a seemingly obvious conclusion only to find it was something even more gripping. The short stories are page turners in which you never want the story to end..."