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For Ally


Beginning with the word beautiful both inside and out there are a litany of words that would describe Allyson Strong and to this end her many friends and loving family would attest. She lit up the proverbial room when she entered and in her toughest times when you entered hers it would be the same.


The intent here as feeble as any words would be to describe the essence of her character is to make certain in every means necessary that she is never forgotten but instead remembered more so than she could ever had hoped. The message from those that loved her is a clear one. So much so, that the Allyson Whitney Foundation has been set up with the hope and intention of preventing and supporting others that may have endured or are enduring what Ally had to. Also, and perhaps most importantly to drive those that are capable to finding a stop to this evil disease that claims the most innocent and beautiful souls.


Please remind yourself and others to get checked and to fight for such a noble cause. What happened here is a testament to how such a loving and compassionate individual could be stolen from those that love her so dearly and we could do nothing but hope for a miracle in the process.


Just remember this when you think of Ally if it brings any comfort at all, that she has not simply gone over the rainbow; she is what makes a rainbow so beautiful.


Please give to small cell cervical cancer every bit of energy you can and support the Allyson Whitney Foundation. Thank you.


Some proceeds from my work will support the Allyson Whitney Foundation.




Mary Marra

 All of my work is dedicated to my Mother Mary Marra. Without her belief and support for my work at a very young age none of this would have been possible. (1922 - 1981)



And of course to my beautiful Katrina... 

Thank you for all of your continued love, support and inspiration. Couldn't do it without you.


For Dakota, 

Not only Man's best friend, but also a Writer's. I know you are looking out for me still...

Cynthia Lee

 And I wish to give one last thanks to someone who is the most refeshing new talent I have come across and is an inspiration. Her achievements are remarkable and her writing ability even more than that. It is my sincere pleasure to endorse the next star. You will be hearing much from this talented artist. Cynthia Lee, thank you for all of your help. Be sure to check out her book 'Eternal Rising' at

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