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Ghost; Where Truth and Fiction Collide

Walking the fine line between Organized Crime, Politicians and Clergy was a balancing act on a frayed rope. These were the three most powerful entities in New York circa 1969-1978. There was no room for failure and death lurked around every corner. Possessing no fear and dedicated to my ideals there was no hesitation in moving forward. Exhilarated by the danger and confrontations made me the best at what I did.

The mission was to rid the streets of heroin which was a plaque and a lucrative enterprise for the dealer, the police, the DEA and some politicians. Having protection from the most powerful men in the city only reinforced my willingness to put myself in any dangerous situation there was. On top of that it was my pleasure to find new ones. There were plenty to find.

I believed in peace but I was the most dangerous man in the city. You can call it ego, bravado or what you will. I call it confidence and ability to defeat evil. Losing?

It did not happen. This is the story of a Ghost that no one knew existed.



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